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10 Years Supporting Live Jazz 

We can hardly believe it. Could it really have been 10 years since this website experiment started? I guess it has.

It was all innocent enough. A jazz musician was performing at a local venue and when I checked in the next day to ask how it went, he said, "The three 'regulars' were at the bar and none of our friends showed up. I don't think they are going to ask us back." That hit home, as so many great jazz performances in venues large and small go unnoticed by the media and, let's face it, the best musicians are typically not the best marketers--even of their own wares.

The next day, I put up a one-page website about live jazz performances in New Jersey and pointed my friends to it. They pointed their friends to it, we added a calendar and a mailing list and... well, it just never stopped.

Bumps in the Road

There have been challenges. In the past, attempts to hack the website and email programs have slowed us up. Most recently the company that hosted us was pressured by a ransomware attack that ultimately put them out of business. We lost some data and some time and a good business alliance with people who supported the arts, but we're recovering. Then, the was a pandemic....

You can't make this stuff up. There was a period of no live performances, a shift to outdoor venues, social distancing, mandates, pressure from towns and organizations, and political confusion about how to proceed. But, hopefully, we've emerged from the worst of it and we're all coming back 'online'. 

We're going to continue to support live jazz for jazz fans to enjoy, and even find some new ways to make connections for jazz musicians, fans, educators and venues throughout the Tri-State area.  Thank you for your music and your continued support.

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